Ames Spring League

For 2023 the Ames Youth Baseball Board has partnered up with the folks that run the CBL (Competitive Baseball League) in the Des Moines area. The CBL is nearly identical to how we've run things in Ames, but they have more organizational capacity to help keep making this event better and allow it to grow. There is a vision of having a CBL North and CBL South event someday. Our Ames Storm teams will continue to play in the event, so we hope to see many of you back again this year.

Go here to register for the CBL North (formerly the Ames Spring League) -

If you have any questions about the league contact Blake Merchant -


We are installing new True Pitch Mounds this year at Hunziker, the full size nice ones, not the little ones. This is a big upgrade that we are really excited about.